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Design and manufacture of gaskets

The gasket in a bolted flange connection is one essential component in complex mechanical device that enables low-leakage service. Nowadays so-called fugitive emissions are considered and these will occur always and in every bolted flange connection. Fugitive emissions should be reduced as much as possible. Each component must be designed, selected and installed within acceptable limits to ensure reliable, long term system tightness. Failure to consider all these important aspects can lead to serious product loss, environmental impact, and personal injuries. The gasket design and material(s) of construction ideally need to be taken into consideration at the design stage, to obtain optimum operating results. A bolted flange connection is a complex mechanical system whose components must be selected and assembled properly to provide reliable sealing over a wide range of operating conditions. All of the various components of the assembled bolted flange connection are important to the proper operation of the joint. The components consist of the piping, or vessels, the flange(s), the gasket(s) and bolts.

In addition to the components themselves, the joint design and assembly are critical to the long-term operation of the joint. The most important criteria when choosing an gasket(s):

  • Temperature, pressure, environment.
  • Flange type, geometry, bolts.
  • Legislative and environmental requirements.
  • Compliance with gaskets installation procedures and competences.

Based on the requirements above, we produce a variety of gaskets and provide advice on installing gaskets. We offer a wide range of gaskets for sealing various materials and environments:

  • Rubber gaskets (NBR, EPDM, SBR, Silicon and other).
  • Nonasbestos gaskets.
  • Graphite gaskets.
  • Spiral wound.
  • Camprofile gaskets.
  • Sometimes sealing problems require instant solution. When that happens, we are there for you. Quick response to our customer needs is an integral part of our costumer centric strategic direction. We are proud to offer 24 hour service for our approved products. 24 hour service is achieved through an extensive inventory of approved sealing products. This enables our customers to meet their ambitious time-to-market needs, lower cost targets and cut out the leaks.