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Anti-corrosion works

Using the most advanced technologies on the market and relying on the best professional teams, we carry out restoration and repair works of metal and concrete surfaces. We repair, rebuild, and protect all types of industrial process equipment and structures from abrasion, corrosion, erosion and chemical attack to both metal and concrete surface. Restored surfaces often serve longer and more reliable than the new, ensuring long-term and continuous operation of the equipment, saving money for the purchase of new parts.

We carry out these works:

  • Rebuild pump casing and impellers.
  • Rebuild and repair mixers, screws, separators and other exposed abrasive metal parts.
  • Protection tanks and pipeline from erosion and corrosion (ARC coatings).
  • Protection of tanks and pipelines with rubber lining (Steuler- KCH).
  • Installation of chemical resistant tiles, bricks (Steuler- KCH).