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Technical textiles

Tapes and woven fabrics made of technical textiles, for protecting and isolating the equipment from thermal and acoustic effects. Technical woven fabrics can be used alone or as a composite material, covering and isolating machine mechanisms. Careful selection of raw materials for production ensures the highest sealing and insulation properties of the products. All manufactured materials are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

TE1 - Temperature resistant up to 1050 °C (short peaks up to 1100 °C) The products in this line: low thermal conductivity, minimal heat storage, and absolute in combustibility. Material is skin-friendly, not hazardous to health, and has remarkable chemical resistance. Basic material: high-temperature resistant SiO2 silicate fibers.

TE2 - temperature resistant up to 700°C (short peaks up to 800 °C) Outstanding fabric properties, not hazardous to health. Properties: high temperature and outstanding chemical resistance. Basic material: texturised special glass.

TE3 - Temperature resistant up to 550 °C (short peaks up to 650 °C) The texturisation of this fabric allows for a high storage volume and thus for good insulation properties. TE3- products are exceptionally fabric-like and not hazardous to health. Basic material glass fiber.