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Sealing tapes and cords

Chesterton 3500Chesterton 3500 Valvelon

Sealant Ideal for Valve Packing and Flange Gaskets
A unique, multi-layered, 100% PTFE packing/sealant. Chesterton 3500's anti-extrusion construction conforms to surface shapes, withstands a wide range of temperatures, and seals virtually all chemicals. Ideal for valve packing and flange gaskets.
CAUTION: Do not use on liquid or gaseous oxygen, molten alkalimetals, and some rare halogenated compounds.
Chemically-inert, pH 0-14
Wide temperature range –240oC to 260oC
High tensile strength
NSF registered P1

a graphite sticking sealing tapeSelf-adhesive Pure Flexible Graphite Tape

Flexible graphite tape is cut from expanded graphite roll which offer excellent sealing capabilities under extreme conditions. The Graphite tapes have no impregnates, binders, additives, oils or greases.
The Tapes can be supplied either plain or corrugated and both can be adhesive backed.

  • Filler for spiral wound gaskets.
  • Manufacture of graphite die-formed rings.
  • Facing material for comprofile type gaskets.
  • Filler for metal jacketed type gaskets.
  • Technical Data
    Density 1.0g/cm3
    Carbon Content 99%
    Leachable Chloride ASTM D-512 50ppm Max.
    Sulphur Content ASTM C-816 1000ppm Max.
    Temperature limit
    Non-Oxidizing: -200oC to +3300oC.
    Oxidizing: -200oC to +500oC.
    Steam: -200oC to +650oC.
    pH: 0-14.

    Chesterton 3500PTFE self-adhesive tape

    Products consist of virginal, expanded PTFE. Ahighly fbrillated structure gives them their special properties.Product line includes sheets and joint sealants.
    General properties

  • made of 100% virgin PTFE;
  • suitable for use with also the most aggressive media;
  • very soft and extremely compressible, therefore it compensates irregularities or damages on the flange face and is suitable for all pressure sensitive connections, like porcelain plastic, glass lined piping;
  • there is no ageing;
  • physiological safe; no contamination of flow products;
  • joint sealant is available with a self adhesive strip to aid installation.
  • Technical data (typical values for sheets in thickness 2 mm)
    Temperature range −240oC to +260oC
    pH range 0 - 14
    Density DIN 28090-2 0.9 g/cm3
    Compressibility ASTM F36/J 65 %
    Recovery ASTM F36/J 12 %
    Stress resistance (16h, 30MPa, 150°C) DIN 52913 16 MPa
    Permeability to nitrogen DIN 3535/6 0.002 mg/sm