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Metal maintenance liquids

Chesterton 380Chesterton 380 Machinery Coolant
Superior Metal Cutting and Production Efficiency. Designed for All Metals. Full synthetic, biodegradable, water soluble coolant. Excellent lubricity and heat dissipating properties that extend tool life. Contains no petroleum or mineral oil.

Chesterton 388Chesterton 388 Synthetic Tapping Fluid Water-Based, Full Synthetic Drilling, Tapping, and Cutting Fluid. Safe, pure, synthetic formula for machining operations performed at high speed and feed rates, as well as manual or automatic single-shot cutting tool applications. Can be used with aluminum and aluminum alloys. Corrosion inhibited. Contains no chlorine, sulfur, chlorinated hydrocarbons, petroleum oil, PCBs, nitrites, phenols, or mercurials.

Chesterton 390Chesterton 390 Cutting Oil Oil-Based Cutting Fluid for All Types of Metal Cutting and Forming. A high-viscosity, oil-based lubricant reinforced for heavy-duty machining applications. Use on hard or soft ferrous metals. Powerful extreme pressure additives. Provides maximum tool life. Excellent part finish. Clings to vertical and overhead surfaces. Cleaner cuts; prevents metal-to-metal micro-welding, galling, and built-up edges. Protects from rust. No unpleasant odors. NSF registered, H2.

Chesterton 388Chesterton 395 Tapping Lubricant Clean, Clear, Mineral Oil-Based Drilling, Tapping, and Cutting Fluid for Aluminum and Soft Alloys. A non-corrosive, non-staining compound that can be used on all metals, including aluminum and aluminum alloys. Chesterton 395 is formulated with refined mineral oil and special lubricity additives to provide improved machinability and cutting accuracy.