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Lubrication and greases

10480 glass fibre įkamša, saturated with PTFEChesterton 438 PTFE Coating.
The best combination of a clean, dry, PTFE-based powder lubricant with a tough, long-term, protective coating that resists water and chemicals.

Chesterton 601Chesterton 601 Chain Drive Pin & Bushing Lubricant.
Premium-quality oil that penetrates between the close clearance of chain drive pin and bushings to provide criticallubrication. Extreme pressure additives increase load carrying ability. Extends chain life 2 to 4 times. Long lasting, non-drying film. NSF Registered H2.

Chesterton 610Chesterton 610 Plus Synthetic Lubricating Fluid.
Premium quality, 100% synthetic fluid designed to perform better and longer, resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs. 610 Plus will not carbonize or form lacquers/varnish at high temperatures. In fact, 610 Plus has excellence solvency to remove old lubricant build-up.

Chesterton 615Chesterton 615 High-Temperature Greases (HTG).
High-performance, corrosion-inhibited, water-resistant grease. Outstanding extreme pressure capabilities and excellent water washout resistance. Temperature limit -40°C to 204°C. Ideal for demanding conditions of temperature, water, corrosion, and heavy loads.

Chesterton 629Chesterton 629 High Temperature White Grease.
High temperature, premium quality, pure mineral oil and PTFE fortified grease. Offers excellent resistance to water, steam, caustics, and other cleaning agents.Smooth tacky texture, adheres to metal NSF registered. Dropping point over 260°C (500°F). Complies with sections 178.3570 and 177.1550, of FDA food additives regulations.

Chesterton 715Chesterton 715/715G Spraflex and SpraflexGoldAdhesive Surface.
A surface lubricant for chain drives, open gears, and wire ropes. Bonds a long-lasting, non-extruding wear shield" to protect equipment operating under heavy loads. Polymer modified, resists extrusion. Water resistant. NSF Registered H2.

Chesterton 730Chesterton 730 Spragrip® Belt Dressing.
A superior energy-efficient belt dressing in a convenient aerosol package. Chesterton 730 Spragrip® lengthens the life of leather, rubber, canvas, or polymer belts; controls belt slippage for all V, flat, and round belts. Improves grip and reduces slip. Waterproofs and prevents slipping even under the most humid conditions. Saves energy, restores mechanical efficiency.

Chesterton 785Chesterton 785/785FG Parting Lubricants.
This new generation anti-seize compound contains a blend of ultrafine inorganic solid lubricants in a non-carbonizing, ashless synthetic carrier. It withstands severe temperature and pressure conditions.Provides excellent protection of metal components under extreme conditions. Eases disassembly up to 1204° C (2200° F). For extreme pressure up to 4730 kg/cm2 (67,570 psi). Micro-fine 4 - 7 micron particles, fills in microscopic voids.