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Rubber lining

STEULER-KCH has created a range of rubber products that allows you to choose the optimal solution according to the type of rubber and the medium you want to protect. Rubber lining provides not only the ideal protection for steel structures such as tanks, pipes, reaction towers and gas scrubbers but is just as effective for concrete items (such as drainage channels). That applies not only to chemical attack from acids, alkalis, salt solutions, various chemicals or water vapour, where exposure can be made more serious by elevated temperatures or temperature fluctuations, but also to frequent mechanical stresses (pressure, abrasion).
STEULER-KCH has developed an extensive range of materials for workshop or on-site rubber lining. This forms the basis for individual selection of rubber qualities to match the different applications and the particular stresses involved. In selecting suitable materials, it is usually necessary to consider multiple criteria. Use of rubber linings for steel structures in contact with media is specified in the DIN EN 14879 standard.
Types of products:
KERABUTYL BB-S – Bromobutyl (BIIR) based, soft rubber, self-lubricating. Suitable for absorbers, various types of canals, tanks, chemical containers, vacuum devices.
KERABUTYL V - chlorobutyl (CIIR) based, soft type, double layer vulcanised rubber. Suitable for absorbers, various types of canals, tanks, chemical containers.
VULKODURIT D3 – Solid rubber coating, based on natural rubber (NR), vulcanised by autoclave. Perfect for waste incinerators, technological pipelines, chemical containers.