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Plastic linning

BEKAPLAST TM - a name that links security, stability and resilience!
The Bekaplast coating is easy to repair, for many chemicals and strokes, high and low temperatures, and its fluctuating coating. The unique feature of this coating is the special conically shaped anchoring studs, which create a mechanical connection between the plastic lining and concrete substrate.
Bekaplast's many years of experience (for over 40 years) and the wide range of applications, ranging from chemical industry to municipal wastewater treatment plants, make it possible to make extensive use of products both in repairing existing equipment and in building new ones.
BEKAPLASTTM HDPE – Polyethylene sheets, which have excellent mechanical and chemical properties. Suitable for the protection of acid and alkaline media of various concentrations. Electrodeposition may also be provided.
BEKAPLASTTM PP - thermally stable, polypropylene coating, which complies with DIN 16971 standard. Perfect for sealing alkalis, acids, and aqueous solutions. Suitable for up to 90o C.