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Chemically resistant bricks, tiles and shapes in standard size

STEULER – KCH manufactures premium-quality combined floor coverings, designed to protect surfaces against aggressive chemicals and abrasive effects, such as acids, bases, saline solutions or water vapour. They simultaneously offer reliable protection against mechanical stresses. Even for extremely stressed equipment, STEULER-KCH has a suitable solution, using a combination lining composed of a membrane and acid-resistant brick lining.
Ceramic bricks from STEULER-KCH are characterized by low porosity, high chemical resistance, excellent mechanical and anti abrasive properties, effectively protecting and sealing the floor and protecting the surface from deterioration - our tile linings can withstand the most extreme conditions and are non-slip as well. This increases occupational safety and improves operational processes. Practically tested solutions and materials allow for efficient sealing and bonding of bricks with metal and other surfaces.